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Preparing and Caring for a Body Piercing
The Day of the Appointment Preparing For Your Piercing:

An important factor to consider is the current status of your health when planning a piercing appointment. The potential for infection and/or rejection of the jewelry increases when the immune system is reduced by illness, drugs, alcohol, lack of proper sleep. Not all piercings suit all bodies. An experienced piercer will provide you with the necessary information you need in order to choose the proper piercing. Before your piercing appointment be sure to :

A. Get a good night's rest prior to your appointment. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system and hinders the healing process.

B. Eat a well balanced meal in order to maintain safe blood sugar level. Receiving a piercing while on an empty stomach increases the possibility of fainting. Allow 1-2 hours between your meal and your appointment. The endorphine response (the body's natural morphine) that often follows a piercing can lead to vomiting when combined with a full stomach.

C. Do not use alcohol, drugs and caffeine for 24 hours prior to and several hours following your appointment. Caffeine and alcohol increase the rate of bleeding and may cause dizziness and vomiting.

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